Accountant IV

City of Detroit

Coleman, Michigan

Date Posted May 03, 2022
Industry Accounting
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The Accountant class performs professional accounting work requiring application of accounting theories,
concepts, principles, and standards. Accountants in this class complete or oversee a variety of
professional assignments involving the design, maintenance, and implementation of accounting systems,
the systematic classification and assessment of accounting data, and the preparation of related managerial
and financial reports. Accountants in this class are responsible for accounting tasks involved in preparing,
analyzing, interpreting and presenting accounting data; operating, maintaining, and modifying accounting
systems; using accounting information to recommend solutions to management problems and structuring
of organization programs; managing, operating, and analyzing cost accounting systems in relation to
business activities, and designing, implementing, and assessing internal control processes and systems.

Examples of Duties
  • Performs complex accounting functions consistent with Generally Accepted Accounting
Principles (GAAP), standardized bookkeeping processes, accounting terminology, accounting
techniques, and other financial rules and regulations
  • Researches, analyzes, and implements accounting rules and regulations as stipulated by
Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) or other regulatory agencies
  • Conducts searches and complex examinations of budget and financial records to provide factual
data on the amount and type of funds available for submission to others within the employing
entity who will use the data to prepare budget estimates and reprogramming actions
  • Prepares, examines, or analyzes accounting records, financial statements, or other financial
reports to assess accuracy, completeness, and conformance to reporting and procedural standards
  • Independently conducts the complete range of tax examinations and related investigations of a
broad range of business taxpayers such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, fiduciaries, and
sizable corporations
  • Maintains ledger and computer systems required to conduct payroll and financial reporting
  • Assists in the preparation of the Consolidated Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
  • Provides experience in using the specific procedures of automated systems to find, review, or
change accounting data in transaction files, ledgers, accounts, summary reports, and financial
  • Designs new and changing system and program environments due to new laws, regulations, and
  • Resolves issues where governing laws and regulations are highly interpretive and/or precedents
are non-existent, obscure or conflicting
  • Develops new systems for tax examination, tax management control, and tax documentation
  • Develops and applies unique or extensive probing and analysis techniques and methods
  • Identifies accounting problems such as inadequate maintenance of fund controls, inaccurate
records and reports, improper methods for document control, and lack of documentary evidence
to support performance of regulatory reconciliations
  • Posts journal entries, reconciles dates, and manages inter-agency billings and transfers required to
support financial reporting
  • Checks data and compares reports or transactions to source documents, or authorizations against
transactions to ensure their acceptability for further processing
  • Drafts simple instructions to describe internal accounting procedures for a procedures manual
  • Assists in executing portions of an audit plan that tracks process flow, verifies reported data, or
assures that functional operating instructions generate desired results
  • Reports to management regarding the finances of establishment
  • Performs grant management, monitoring and administrative duties and activities (e.g. financial,
set-up, post-award, closeout, etc.) to ensure timely expenditures and reimbursement, and
regulatory and audit compliance
  • Compiles centrally requested cost reports and reports of variance from standards. Develops
reports comparing actual results to plans and budgets
  • Serves as an expert or authority in some aspect of accounting or in the application of accounting
to some mission-related program(s)
  • Performs special projects and other duties as assigned
Minimum Qualifications

For entry into the Accountant position, no work experience is required; however, the minimum education
requirements must be met. One year of professional experience performing or auditing the systematic
classification and evaluation of accounting data and the preparation of related financial and managerial
reports is preferred but not required. Accountants must demonstrate proficiency with integrated word
processing and spreadsheet functions.
For selection, to an Accountant level II or higher, in addition to the minimum education requirements,
more progressive levels of experience are required based on the following:

Accountant IV – at least four (4) years of experience
For Accountant IV, the Accountant must have two (2) years of verifiable experience leading teams or
providing instructions to subordinate staff.

Equivalent combinations of education and experience that provide the required knowledge, skills, and
abilities will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Supplemental Information

Evaluation Plan

  • Interview: 70%
  • Evaluation of Training, Experience, & Personal Qualifications: 30%
  • Total of Interview and Evaluation T.E.P: 100%
Additional points may be awarded for:
  • Veteran Points: 0 – 15 points
  • Detroit Residency Credit: 15 point